Do you work in a library or bookstore?
Are you haunted by Sicilian Billionaires, Greek Tycoons, and Ruthless Sheiks?
Do Convenient Mistresses, Pregnant Secretaries, and Accidental Babies ambush you at every turn?
Are you Captive to the Romance Novel's Revenge?

Fight back with

Romance Title Bingo!

~*~How it works:~*~

Print out sufficient bingo cards for all players. (A new, random bingo card will be generated each time you refresh the page.)

Grab a stack of romances, or visit the Harlequin website for a title list.

Read off the titles. As the titles are read, players mark the words off on their cards.

Alternately, keep a card under the desk and play against yourself, marking off titles as they are checked out!


1: If a word appears multiple times, only ONE may be marked for each title called.
2: Words with the same base (i.e. "bed", "bedded", "bedroom") can be considered the same word.
3: Five in a row - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - wins!

Note that this game is designed to work with the Harlequin Presents line of romances.
However, other romance lines - such as Mills and Boon Modern romances - may be found to work just as well.


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