Dark Galadriel Costume


My Dark Galadriel Costume! Most of the dress construction was pretty basic - it's just layers of rags, really - but the interesting bit was the construction of the breastplate.


I started with a plastic half-form display mannequin. This is a just the front half of the torso, molded in hollow plastic, and can be bought very cheaply on eBay of at your local store fixtures shop. I used my dremel to cut off the extra bits, just leaving the breastplate shape.

After I smoothed the edges, I began covering the form in round sticker labels, overlapping them to simulate the beaten-scale design of the original.

I gave the fully stickered form a couple of coats of thinned-down glue to permanently set all of the stickers in place, then spraypainted it with "beaten metal" textured sprayaint.

Then I weathered it with a black/green paint mix and used silver Rub'n'Buff to bring out the details. The "etched" gold edging was made by applying a thick line of puffy fabric paint, letting it dry overnight, then using a metal stamp to press the design into the still-rubbery paint. More paint and gold Rub'n'Buff finishes it up!




Tutorial copyright "Penwiper" 2010