This was my Legolas costume, made for the premiere of Two Towers


The shirt is actually a shortened version of a simple medieval shift-dress pattern. It's close-hugging, not bulky at all under tunic and vambraces.

The fabric for the undershirt is actually taken from an old skirt I found at a local thrift store. It's a really lovely fabric - crinkly and close-hugging, it's patterned with a woven-in leaf and flower design that catches the light beautifully, very elvish. The color was excellent, as well - a silvery grey with faint hints of lavender. The simple swirled design of the closures seemed to fit.

The tunic is made from sueded suiting in a light green and a deep grey that obligingly turns green when placed next to the light green. This involved way too much dissassembling and reassembling! We fudged the front a bit - decided to let it open further down, to show off the pretty shirt a bit better. I've only just finished the front embroidery. Technically it should be blue, but I decided to work it in a very pale green instead for a more subdued effect.

Here you see the belt added. I fell in love with this belt at a Ren Faire and purchased it on the spot for my elf costume. The wrap-around leather closure is very simple and effective, and very elf-like.

Here's a closeup of the belt.

Now the fun part - the accessories! First off, the quiver and arrows.
The quiver was made by covering a cardboard tube in brown leather. The 'metal' design was painted on with gold 3-d fabric paint. The arrow grid inside was cut out of a section of gutter-screening. Gold D-rings were sewn to the sides for the straps to pass through.
The arrows were made by taking dowels, trimming them to the right length, then nocking them with a hand file. They were stained with brown shoe polish. The feathers were white craft store feathers, tinted with a mixture of food coloing, water, and a drop of soap, then trimmed and glued to the dowel. As a final touch, gold thread was wrapped around the feathers and glued down at both ends. The arrows are untipped.
I've had some people ask me for diagrams of how I held my quiver and bow on. It works by having all the straps attach to an oval leather support piece. Here are some rather messy diagrams. :)

Where the straps attach to the support oval
How to attach the strap to the oval
The guiver being attached to the oval
Fastening the overlapping quiver straps

The vambraces were made by glueing leather to an internal stiffening and shaping provided by felt and thick string.
Here's a diagram of the design - after failed attempts with a number of paints, I ended up drawing it on with gold gel pen. The leather lacings thread through sewn-on jewelry coils. Vambrace design diagram
The vambraces!