Cybermat Plushie
with Heated Cybermat instructions

A symbol of terror across the galaxy has been domesticated for your enjoyment. This pattern will let you make a simple plush cybermat to snuggle with or fend off in terror depending on your whim. Even better, its highly advanced technology enables it to be used as a cuddly heating pad to warm your toes or soothe sore muscles.


Snuggly, non-fraying fabric in the desired color (Sweatshirt or T-shirt fabric or fleece are some suggestions). You won’t need much – if making the 10-inch cybermat, 1/4 yard of fabric or one old shirt should be enough to make a couple. If making the heated cybermat, be sure to use a microwave-safe fabric – test a sample if unsure.

Matching thread

Stuffing material: polyfill batting or other such stuffing if making a standard plushie – rice, wheat berries, or cracked corn (not popcorn!) if making the heated version.

If sewing eyes, you will need enough fabric in a different color to make two eyes and contrasting embroidery thread to embroider the design. Otherwise, you will need two buttons (of a microwaveable material if making the heated version).


Click for the basic pattern

This basic pattern can be enlarged to whatever size you desire. For your convenience, I have provided a pre-enlarged version that can be printed on four sheets of paper and taped together to form a pattern for a cybermat about 10 inches long – an excellent foot-warming size.

Large Pattern part A
Large Pattern part B
Large Pattern part C
Large Pattern part D

The pattern has two basic pieces – top and bottom. Also included are pattern pieces eyes and antennae.


Start with the top part of your cybermat. Sew edge E to edge F, then sew edge G to edge H. Optional: if desired, sew along the dotted curved lines indicated on the pattern to provide a decorate impression of a segmented tail.

Cut the eyes out of the eye fabric and use the patterns as a guide to embroider them. Alternately, you can use buttons instead. Sew these in place over the top point of the E/F and G/H seams.

Make the antennae by rolling the rectangles up to make long tubes and stitching them to hold that shape. Sew in place a little bit above the eyes.

Now you can stitch the top piece to the bottom piece. Sew them together with the interior-sides of the fabric together – you’re not going to turn the finished piece inside out like you might normally do with other patterns. Use the dotted line on the bottom piece as the guide for matching it up with the top piece – the pointy ‘feelers’ will stick out past the seam.

Leave a small area near the tail unstitched and use this opening to stuff the cybermat. If filling it with rice, etc, you may find a funnel useful. After it is stuffed, finish sewing it shut.


A cybermat that is filled with rice or a similar material simply requires exposure to controlled radiation to become a source of long-lasting heat. However, overexposure can result in scorching of the delicate cyber-innards. For best results, begin by microwaving the cybermat for 30 seconds at a time until the desired temperature is reached. You can then use this amount of time as your standard heating time in the future.

Safety note: A nicely warmed cybermat should be quite safe, but if you do accidentally heat your cybermat to the scorching point, be sure to set it on a fireproof surface until it has completely cooled to avoid any risk of fire.

A Final Note

A domesticated cybermat can be a valuable and useful addition to any home. However, some people have reported slight difficulty in breaking their cybermats of unwanted habits such as consuming rare electronic components or spreading space plagues. Remember, if you have any problems with new pet, most undesirable behavior can be discouraged by rubbing the cybermat’s nose on its victim’s body while saying “No, bad cybermat!” in firm tones.


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