TARDIS Knit Plush Pattern

Here is a pattern for knitting a stuffed TARDIS. Admittedly, at the time of this posting, I have not actually knit this. However, Pixelbrid bravely gave it a try, and hers turned out beautifully! It can be seen here.

Click for TARDIS knitting chart


1) Knit the number of each piece indicated on the chart (4 sides, 2 top/bottom, 1 light)

2) Sew the two short sides of the white part of the light together to form a tube,
then fold the the blue part down and sew to the white part to make a box-like shape.

3) Sew the light to the middle ot the TARDIS top piece.

4) Sew the four sides to each other and to the top.

5) Stuff the TARDIS

6) Sew on bottom

7) Cuddle as desired


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